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Arukkani A Jagannathan and I were born in 1973 to an Apachi Gounder and Arukkani Ammal couple in Sadayagaundanvalasu, near Perundurai, Erode taluka, Coimbatore district at that time. I lived in our hometown until 1991 and my Paternal Uncle joined their food oil company and worked with him for about 23 years until 2014. I lived in Thingalur from 1991-1997 and then in Gobichettipalayam till 2007 and have been living in Perundurai since 2008.

                After selling my native flawed house and land properties.Living in a rented house for about 20 years, in the middle of 2005 I got acquainted with Vastu, the master who told me about Vastu, settled there with friends and lost my mother in 6 months and did not know what caused this death, the subject of Vastu from that day on I took the house in hand and immediately sold the house, rented the house again and lived in the rented house in 2007. My father died there with some defects, so the reason for mentioning death in this place is that the death of a man must have been a deeply lived and completed death. So with the zeal to live in a house with good architecture if I live anymore, all the doubts I had while researching about architecture were resolved and I set up a house with a good architectural structure and thereby clarified its benefits and then clarified with my experiential knowledge about architecture I come across as a very good architect who knows all the details. At this point I would like to thank Andal and Sundarar Peruman for supporting my development.

                I am obliged to say something at this point. My Great Grandfather Mr. Angappagaundar was very devoted to Lord Murugan of Chennimalai. People nearby would go to him for some solutions during his lifetime. In that way if he sleeps thinking of Lord Murugan at night, he will say solutions to it by night by the grace of Lord Murugan. So I have realized in one or two things that I have the powers of my grandfather, just as my grandfather's property belongs to my grandson. That is why I can say that there is a situation where I can enter in the matter of this vastu. Although I took up the subject of Vastu in 2007, I decided that even in 2011 Vastu could do business properly. But we went to a house in Vastu and I realized Vastu and decided to become a professional in Vastu. Then in 2012 I set up a new house and realized it, and only then did I become a professional architect.

                So after coming home according to Vastu a very great change in my life and my home has paved the way for my next phase of journey. So if there is an architectural home, there is definitely no need for man to change. The fact that I found out that the video would change the man. Explanation of how Vastu sees the industry formally

At this point I should mention a few things. This is what I came to know when I went for my maximum information about Vastu in North India that there were over more than 100 books on Vastu related subjects in Sanskrit alone. As well as the famous Vastu expert in Andhra Pradesh, I got a lot of Vastu related information when I went to expand my knowledge about Vastu to many as the most famous Vastu experts in Tamil Nadu.I would like to proudly say that I am the only person who went to the North to hear the news about Vastu from Tamil Nadu in this place.

            So when researching in the northern states beyond Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Orissa there is not much difference in the internal aspects of the people living in Bengal as you are in their architecture. They give more involvement to side-by-side things anywhere.

            So as a mixed system of researching what we can do to combine the two, the only thing I can say is that a man's fulfilling life is important for both relationships and the economy.In Gujarat, which may be the richest state in northern India, as well as the city of Mumbai in Maharashtra, the Arabian Sea surrounds the west, but Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and one of the 10 trading cities of the world. Similarly, Gujarat is one of the richest states in India. Its Vastu structure is different from the Vastu rules.So I have been in Gujarat and Maharashtra for a month or two to know these things. Based on that I can give a very good Vastu solution to our people. Similarly I have been imparting knowledge related to it to my Vastu friends to augment the money learned from the people of Gujarat

             Vastu Consulting / Solutions will be provided to look for new Vastu, buy house, place, land, flats, office, factory etc., see if the existing Vastu is correct and rectify any deficiencies.

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